The Author


Ashleigh Rose Bottorff has been a pet owner and animal lover since childhood. Her adventures with animals include getting phone calls from as far away as 200 miles about a kitten dumped in a cornfield, stopping traffic in busy intersections to help an animal in harm’s way, missing a morning of college classes to “de-skunk” a stray dog, or just coming home to yet another “mystery” animal left on her doorstep. She checks boxes on the side of the road for dumped animals and lives for her passion of raising awareness about the importance of spay/neuter to animals’ health.

Ashleigh has been a small business owner for many years. She has worked in offices, owned a cleaning/organizing service, worked in adult foster care and child day care, been a reading/writing/English tutor, worked for two veterinarians, and volunteered at the local animal shelter. She enjoys doing animal rescue work and raising awareness about the importance of spay/neuter. She has written this all age friendly, seven part book, Amazing Grace, Our Littlest Hero which features just a few of  her many animal rescues, the importance of spay/neuter, animal groups and what they do for the animals, feral cat colonies and how you can help, pet friendly accommodations, caring for your pet, and a poem honoring past, present and future abused animals.