The Book

Praise for Amazing Grace, Our Littlest Hero

This book was written to honor all animals, but especially the ones who have been and will be abused worldwide and to recognize all who have helped and will help and always be…

The Voice of the Animals!

Ashleigh Rose Bottorff, Author of Amazing Grace, Our Littlest Hero

“All pet parents will be able to relate to tales and trials of rescued pets shared in these pages. If as a result of this book, even one animal is adopted from a shelter or taken in from the street, then this book was a success! Ashleigh, a true pet lover, has written a very clever collection of stories which will benefit pets around the country.”
 ~ Karen Reabe, DVM


“I would buy this book 1,000 times if I could to help animals. Learn how to help the animals you love and make the world a better place with this little book that you can read in one sitting and refer to over and over again.” – Jack Ori, life coach and writer“Hmm let me start with why I gave this five stars? Well I couldn’t find the ten star rating! I LOVED THIS BOOK! I am a closet cat lady. I would go without eating to make sure these little furry buddies of mine have enough to eat. I am blessed to live in a area where wildlife is abundant. I have a colony of feral cats in my backyard. I have adopted them or I should say they have adopted me to care for them. Being on a fixed income I am not proud to say I needed help to be able to help them. Mrs. Bottorff offered beautiful and heart warming stories to help inspire me and grant me the strength to seek help. Thru her informative book I was able to find and contact several NFP organizations. I will be going to a class on Wednesday to become a official cat caretaker of a feral cat colony. How can I not? When you look into those little eyes and all they want is to be loved and cared for. I am so happy to have bought this book and to find so many like minded people. Thru this book I will be able to give the cats all the help they deserve. From the bottom of my heart I humbly thank the author Mrs. Ashleigh Rose Bottorff for this wonderful and informative book. All my little guys say MEOW and thanks also!”
 ~ J. Maldonado, Pet Owner/Rescuer


Amazing Grace, Our Littlest Hero is dedicated to raising awareness and the importance of rescuing and spaying/neutering of animals including feral cats, while also recognizing the plight of homeless animals due to pet overpopulation that results from not spaying/neutering and the daily struggle these defenseless creatures face. Whether you just want to enjoy a warm animal rescue story with a happy ending or you are seeking knowledge on how YOU can be The Voice of the Animals! and raise awareness about the plight of homeless animals due to pet overpopulation that result from people not spaying/neutering their pet and the daily struggle these defenseless creatures face, this is a “must have” book. Keep Amazing Grace, Our Littlest Hero on your nightstand or take it with you when traveling with your pet for quick reference to pet friendly accommodations or relaxed reading with your pet at your side! A portion of profits from sales of this book go to the author’s local animal shelter.

Amazing Grace, Our Littlest Hero Includes:

  • Rescue Stories – Heart Warming and How YOU can rescue
  • Spay/Neuter – The Importance of Getting Your Pet Spayed or Neutered and Groups Who Help
  • Animal Welfare Groups – Who, Where and How You Can Help
  • Feral Cats – 70 million and How YOU can Trap, Spay or Neuter and Return
  • Pet-Friendly AccommodationsFrom Beaches to Parks to Campgrounds to Restaurants – Complete with Links to Worldwide Accommodations, Includes Pet Traveling Tips
  • How to be a Responsible Pet OwnerFurry, Finned or Feathered – We have Tips for You!
  • A Poem – Written to Honor all Homeless and Abused Animals and Those Who Help Them!